In what languages are your worship services?

We have worship services in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Nepali.

What are the times of your worship service? Where do I go?

 9.00 am   Combined Worship Service (Holy Communion: 1st Sunday) (Auditorium, Wesley Legacy Center, Lvl 3)
10.00am Bahasa Malaysia Service  (Chapel, Wesley Legacy Center, Lvl 2)
11.00am Wesley Nepali Sangati Worship (Multi-Purpose Hall, Menara Wesley)
5.00pm Liturgical Worship Service (Holy Communion: 1st Sunday) (The Sanctuary)

What do you mean by Liturgical Worship Service?

It is a worship service which follows an order of worship with the singing of hymns, practical biblical preaching and prayers.

We also have worship services in the Nepali and Bahasa Malaysia language.

What happens on Combined Worship Service and Holy Communion Sundays?

This is held on the 1st Sunday of each month with a combined congregation of the Contemporary and Liturgical worship services. The Holy sacraments will be celebrated.

What shall I wear?

Dress casually.

Shall I bring my children along?

We have a vibrant Sunday School catering for all ages from 3 to teens. Do bring your children along to join them in their fun activities as they learn object lessons of biblical truth through drama, songs, games and prayers. Children with join their parents in worship, after which, they will attend Sunday School.

Classes starts at 11.00am to 12.30pm at Lvl 1 of Wesley Legacy Center.

View Sunday School Details Here

Youth have their session at 11AM till 12.30PM (Ages 13-25)

View KL Wesley Youth Details Here

If my children attend Sunday School, what shall I do whilst waiting for them?

We have Nurture classes for adults and you are welcomed to join us.

Classes starts at 11.00am to 12.30pm at Lvl 3 of Wesley Legacy Center.

We have a well stocked library where you can read or browse through the books under a wide  category of subjects.  Library is located at Lvl 2 of Wesley Legacy Center.

There is also a cafeteria where you can have a meal and a drink and join us in fellowship (Ground Floor, Wesley Legacy Center).

How do I get to WMCKL?

You can walk, take a Light Rail Transit or travel by road.

Click Here for WMCKL Map 


There are allocated car parks reserved for visitors up to 9.15AM. Please turn on your car’s hazard light and the traffic wardens will guide you to the parking lots. There will be signages. Please follow the traffic warden’s direction.


You are invited for a cup of coffee at the Visitors’ Center/Welcome Lounge after the worship service for a chat and to get to know each other better. We will try to answer your queries if any and we will pray for you if you wish.

(Visitors’ Center on Lvl 3, Wesley Legacy Center).

Ask us

For more information, contact us @ wmckl@klwesley.org