SMALL GROUP…your spiritual family

Belong to a big church? The word “belonging” has various meanings, the obvious one being “possession.” At our church, the more important one is “acceptance as a natural part. Small Groups provide a comfortable atmosphere for openness, which is essential for lasting bonds of friendship to take root. We long for relationships where each party both give and receive care.   Small Groups provide an ideal way to care for the needs and spiritual growth of each person within our Church. Get connected today, and you too can find a family of like-minded individuals who provide a source of encouragement, as well as accountability.

More about small group

Size – 6 to 16 people
Members – are from our church, as well as friends, neighbours, relatives, co-workers, school /college mates  who are invited to join in the adventure
Venue – mainly homes and church but could be cafes or offices.
Types – Young adults, women, couples and singles, seniors, families, youth & uni students

What do we do in Small Groups?

  • LISTEN to one other, encourage and care for each other through prayer and in practical ways.
  • LEARN from Bible and sermon discussions, then participate by sharing personal experiences or insights.
  • FELLOWSHIP regularly with like-minded friends  in fun and informal social gatherings.
  • GROW spiritually by deepening our relationship with God and becoming more Christ-like in our daily life.

 How do I get connected into a group?

  1. Sign-up at the LTI HUB after church service. Our friendly volunteers will show you a small group list.Then complete the sign-up form and indicate your preferred group. You will be contacted by the small group leader or coordinator within the week.
  2. Sign-up online – CLICK HERE.
  3. Select your preferred group from the small group lists. CLICK HERE
  4. Fill up and submit the online form.
  5. You will be contacted by the small group leader or coordinator within the week.

Please feel free to explore more than one group. Surely, there is one for you!

Click Here for list of Small Groups

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