The CMF provides specific, non urgent medical aid to the needy and destitute or helping to defer the cost of an institution’s (eg. non commercial old folks home) support of the poor and destitute when the aid satisfies the CMF Medical Criteria and its operating guidelines as approved by the Church.

The CMF establishes meaningful contact with those who apply or potentially may need aid (eg Grace Home, Klang). As this ministry covers anyone regardless of religion or ethnicity, there is opportunity to show love, compassion, fellowship and physical aid on approval (visitations/follow up visits/phone calls to enquire on well being after receiving the physical aid eg hearing aid or cataract surgery or even supply of colostomy bags).

CMF members learn to become “servants” and pray for the applicants and those visited. The actions of the CMF members becomes the witness for Christ.

Taking and making the time for visitations (stewardship of personal resources), plus ensuring the validity of the applicant’s status enables responsible stewardship of Church financial allocations. It also provides opportunities for CMF members to get to the grassroots and see where/how the needs are.

CMF accepts applications for specific conditions from financially challenged individuals who are at least 60 years and older, regardless of creed, religion, ethnicity.

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You may download the application forms in English & Bahasa Malaysia