Our ministry helps fulfil the vision of the Church by strengthening the spiritual life of our members through various relevant courses/seminars that help them grow in their daily Christian living, and to prepare our church/ministry leaders to embrace the ‘discipleshift’ in our Church’s 4-Year plan of “Re-igniting Intentional Discipleship”

Main Activities/Programs

  • LTI EQUIP Program : To nurture members on Biblical truths and Christian living <link to LTI page of courses>
  • Intentional Discipleship Training (IDT). : To roll out the first year of the Church’s 4-Year Plan, i.e. ‘Embracing the Discipleshift’.
  • Church Seminars, Workshops and Conferences
  • Bible Reading Plan : To encourage daily Bible Reading and Journaling <link to Bible reading Plan>

For further enquiries about our upcoming nurturing classes, kindly visit the LTI page with the complete list of available courses <link there>, contact the church office at 03-2072 0338 or drop us an email at wmckl@klwesley.org