Our ministry helps fulfill the vision of the Church by witnessing, practicing love and caring for those in dire need of blood, those who are poor and needy, those who are hungry, those who are lonely and those who live in fear.


  • Semi-annual Blood Donation – initiative by the church congregation & colleagues/friends to support the needs of the National Blood Bank and hospitals within KL
  • Street Ministry – working with our partners in evangelizing, feeding of the Street People every Saturday and attending to those who need medical aid
  • Focus on Poor & Needy – working with our partners in Malaysian Care and our preaching point Living Stream in visiting, evangelizing and disbursing financial aid, especially those afflicted by HIV, loneliness and those unable to work
  • Food Bank – buying food provisions, collecting food donations from the church congregation, administering, maintaining a Food Bank and distributing to the registered poor and hungry
  • Forums – organizing talks and forums that provide insights into areas of societal interest eg social justice, weak governance- corruption, environmental issues – pollution, recycling , social problems (eg. human slavery, etc.)
  • Centennial Medical Fund (CMF) – financial aid for the poor and needy

For further enquiries, kindly contact the church office at 03-2072 0338 or drop us an email at