I want to warmly welcome you to Wesley Methodist Church Kuala Lumpur which was established in the year 1897. We are a church with a rich history and are strategically located in the centre of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.  Our God-given mission statement is “Witnessing for Christ in the Heart of our nation’s capital” and our vision statement is “Re-igniting Intentional Discipleship: From Member To Disciple.”

We seek to foster an authentic community that serve the Lord faithfully in the heart of our nation’s capital by emphasising on the need for spiritual growth of each and every member based upon a solid nurturing and intentional discipleship process through the means of small groups ministry on weekdays and corporate worship services and nurture and equipping classes on weekends. We believe in awakening our laity for God’s given ministries in our church and society.

As a church we also have various programmes and activities to foster fellowship (koinonia) among members and to reach out to the needs of the communities.

I want to extend this invitation for you to come along and become part of our church family where you will feel that you belong and are valued by the Lord and that He has a purpose for you and your family to grow and be an effective witness for Him.


Rev Ricky Ho Kim Hock
The Pastor in Charge
Wesley Methodist Church
Kuala Lumpur

Learn Who We Are

Established in 1897, we are a church with a rich history. Our God-given mission is “Witnessing for Christ in the Heart of our nation’s capital”.

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Statement of Faith

We are a connectional Methodist church based on faith in God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit – three in One God or the Holy Trinity.

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Church Vision 2020

The need to re-ignite Intentional Discipleship and Disciplemaking in our Wesley Methodist Church Kuala Lumpur (WMCKL) is a clarion call.

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Pastor’s Welcome

“Welcome to KL Wesley Methodist Church. We are happy to have you with us and hope that you will enjoy your worship service with us.”

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