Position: Principal

Primary role is to manage and supervise the day-to-day operations and routine tasks of
Wesley Methodist Kindergarten (WMK).

This position reports in to the WMK’s Board of Governance (BoG).


Roles and Responsibilities

You are accountable to ensure the smooth management and execution of the following (while
fully complying to all the mandatory requirements of the Ministry of Education (MOE) and
also the internal policies, employee’s handbooks, guidelines and governance).



  •  Organisation, Planning and Administration

    • To carry out all the administrative duties in the kindergarten

    • To ensure proper procedures are instituted for the efficient management of the kindergarten.

    • To construct appropriate syllabus in accordance with the MOE’s guidelines.

    • Allotment of co-curricular duties, construction of the time schedule and school calendar

    • To ensure that the kindergarten is well equipped with adequate teaching materials, books and stationeries

    • To attend the monthly WMK BoG Management meeting and update on the enrolment, attendance percentage, fees collections, disbursement, or any matters, to the WMK BoG

    • Oversees the filing, maintenance and safekeeping of all WMK’s related records (e.g. students’ bio-data, health records, etc.)

    • Prepares and/or approves all claims’ Payment Vouchers

    • To execute with the help of the staff the key events of WMK (e.g. Parent-Teachers Day, festive celebrations, concerts, etc.)

    • To promote Christian values in the Kindergarten


  • Supervision

    • To guide, motivate and counsel the staff

    • To ensure the validity of permits for Administrator, teachers and business license

    • To oversee and assess the work carried out by the staff

    • To provide training (where needed) and upskill staff

    • To ensure sufficient trained staff (meeting MOE’s guidelines on teacher-student ratio) at all times

    • To approve staff’s application for leave

    •  To conduct and attend periodic staff meetings

    •  To conduct annual staff performance appraisals

    •  To be ready to relief any teacher who goes on leave


  • External Communications

    •  To manage (with the support of the teachers) any external inquiries (e.g. government/local authorities, parents, etc.)

    •  To encourage and welcome feedback from parents and guardians and identify areas for improvements

    •  To reports any welfare-related issues which are experienced by the parents of children and work closely (where needed) with the WMK BoG for appropriate follow-up action


  •  Other Support

    • To work closely and collaborate with the

      •  Church Finance department on matters relating to Financial Statements and Accounts, Bank Reconciliations, annual Audits and etc..

      •  Church Office / Building & Property department on any matters relating to premise cleanliness, repairs and maintenance and general building needs

      •  Church Staffing Committee on any matters relating to WMK’s staff

      •  To perform as may be assigned by the WMK BoG or the Pastor-in-Charge from time to time


Requirements and Skills

  • A Christian with a church membership

  • A Diploma/Degree in Early Childhood / Education

  • Preferably a minimum of 5 years of working experience in the same field

  • Able to communicate well in English

  • Able to plan, strategise, execute and supervise education curriculum and related school activities

  • Familiar with handling staffing documentations per MOE’s requirements

  • Able to communicate well with various stakeholders at all levels (including church management, parents and students)

  • Able to conduct in-house training for staff periodically

  • Able to understand and interpret financial statements and Accounts



  • Strong affinity to details

  • Self-motivated and able to troubleshoot issues and bring quick resolution

  • Has interest in supporting continual improvement activities

  • Must be willing to go the extra mile to resolve work-related issues

  • Willing to work in a Church